The Big Picture


Jordan bought me a puzzle from Shutterfly that you can put your own picture(s) on for my birthday. I have opened the box but have not started putting it together yet. I am kind of scared to. It is a lot of pieces that do not make a whole lot of sense when they are all jumbled in the box. But the cover with the big picture makes it look so easy to put together. Yet, one day when I get brave enough I will dump out all those tiny puzzle pieces and make one big picture of my sweet family to hang somewhere in our new house.

Don’t you wish there was a puzzle box somewhere with the big picture of your life on it? Everyday we put a new piece of the puzzle in place as we live our normal day to day life. But a lot of times it doesn’t make any sense, and we cannot see where we are going or where God is taking us. Some pieces are bright and happy while others are darker and more sad, but in the end every piece will come together to make the big picture – our life.

If your puzzle pieces are anything like mine then you have probably come across some weird shapes that didn’t make any sense. Or maybe some pieces of started to click together for you and you can now see parts of the big picture. Like those couple of years you spent at that one job you did not like very much, but now you see that the job led you to where you are now or, at that very job you met a great friend who has impacted your life in big ways.

Pieces of the puzzle are often a big jumbled mess, and so often I find myself obsessing over every little piece instead of remembering there is a bigger picture I am working towards. The daily grind of cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking care of family, and working simply become so big and overwhelming that I forget to step back and remember why I am doing those things. I want instant gratification and people to pat me on the back and tell me how hard I have been working. I love being ‘encouraged’ as I like to call it. However, when I start needing those ‘thank you’s’ and ‘you are great’ pep talks to be content it becomes an idol in my life.

Yet, if I stepped back and remembered to not look at every single little puzzle piece, not to obsess with all my to do lists and schedules of things that have to happen today, then I can begin to see the big picture. The trees turn into a beautiful forest, and I remember that this life is not about how clean my house is or did all the boxes get checked. This is not my best life now. The big picture is my eternal home with my one and only Savior.

With the big picture in view this life becomes about renewing my heart to be more Christ-like. It is about learning to love as God loves. It is about being a helpmeet to my husband. It is about disciplining and training up my child in the way the Bible says. It is about sharing Christ with people I meet as I am going. It is about Jesus Christ and Him alone. This life becomes less about me and my wants and needs and more about Christ and what He has called me to. And while some days I feel like I lead a very small life, it is still my blessed life.

My puzzle pieces are many and they often are small and confusing. But in all the craziness of life I know who is orchestrating the big picture and so as I receive each piece day by day all I can do is look to the one that already knows the ending and let Him guide me how to make each piece fit in the place He has designed it to go in my life.


2 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Susan Brown says:

    Heather that was so beautifully written. I needed to be reminded of the same things today. I am so proud you are family. I love you!


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