Our Joy

Abigail always keeps us laughing. We often say Abigail is a mess because she is. Her little personality is coming out more and more. She is a very independent and stubborn little girl. The therapist says she thinks Abigail has the best little sense of humor. And she is a lot smarter than you think she is. Abigail is pretty great in lots of ways!! So many of the readers have not met Abigail personally, so I wanted to introduce you to our crazy little girl, and tell you a few stories about her.

We have a little ottoman in our living. It functions more as a table and a footrest on most occasions. Underneath is the label stuck to the felt bottom. I am not sure what it is about this ottoman/table that Abigail likes, but she loves it under there. We put her on the floor on one side of the table with some toys underneath with her. She somehow starts to inch her way further and further underneath the table to reach that label. Tonight she played under there for thirty minutes. She just reached for the label and played with her toys. Then we realized we could not see her feet on the one side of the table anymore. She managed to scoot all the way to the other side. Her little head was sticking out and she had a blast playing peek-a-boo with us. Jordan and I could not stop laughing. It was probably one of those things you had to be there for, but just look at the joy on her little face!!


She falls asleep in the silliest positions and then snores. She spreads out to take up every available space in the crib. It is all too cute. Now she can turn from side to side, and it is a constant battle before she goes to sleep as to what side she will manage to end up on. And for a baby who does not move anywhere she somehow manages to get the blanket that was on top all the way beneath her. How does she do that?

When Daddy does not have to work we usually go in after breakfast to wake him up. Again for a baby who never moves she somehow scoots herself over to Daddy in no time flat to touch his face and pull his beard. If he inches away from her she manages to just creep closer until Jordan is barely on the bed. She goes into giggle fits to wake up Daddy in the morning.

Abigail loves it when you get right in her face. She likes funny noises and funny voices. All these things make her crack up. She is always very ticklish on her ribs and feet and back. If you tickle her foot she will stick them straight up for you to tickle again like a little game. And when she gets excited you have to watch out because you are liable to be punched by flying arms. She just pumps her arms up, and down, and if you are holding her when she is like this it is even worse. You instantly death grip her because she becomes a bouncing dead weight in your arms that could slip any minute.

Abigail is also one of the most flexible babies around. The orthopedic doctor even said that when he examined her. She loves her feet and will stretch them completely to her face with no trouble. Many a stranger has told us while we have been out and about with our baby doing sitting toe touches that she will be a gymnast. The best part is that she loves to put her feet on the table while we eat. Daddy doesn’t like her to do it, so he tries to teach her to put her feet down while we eat. Well Abigail is again a mess. Daddy puts her feet down under the table, and she will look straight at him and slowly raise up one little foot at a time and put them back on the table. I know it is awful to laugh but it is too stinking cute. She knows exactly what she is doing.


Abigail hates anything in her hair. If you touch it to get it out of her eyes or even attempt to tame to mane, she instantly has to run her hands through it to make sure you did not put anything in her hair. She can last with a ponytail for about an hour or two but after that she fights to rip that holder out of her hair. And when she gets tired she runs her hands through her hair. Jordan calls her a wild child because her hair is always a giant mess. One day her beautiful blonde mane will be gorgeous and curly, but for now it is just a crazy mess.

Abigail also prefers adults to children any day. And she is very particular to who she likes. We still cannot figure out her system for choosing people. Some people she will go to instantly like she has known them forever. But others she will not even let them look at her without crying. Her system makes no sense. She does usually prefer men over women. But instead of waving at people she just sticks her arms straight out like she is reaching for the person. She really just wants you to reach out to so she can touch you. But if you touch her it is a big no no. She will instantly take her arms away. She likes to be in charge.


Abigail wakes up with a smile and goes to sleep laughing. She is always in a good mood. Even when she was sick this past week she was still smiling. She lights up every room, and people are just drawn to her. I am not sure what it is about her, but she definitely likes the attention, and she knows she is cute! She is going to be a strong-willed child that is not afraid of much. She is a thrill seeker and an adventurer at heart. Who knows what she will grow up to be, but I know I love this girl beyond what I could ever say. She is our joy and our sunshine!



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