Why Therapy?


We started therapy when Abigail was about 6 months old, so we have been in therapy for almost a year and a half. I have learned so much in the last eighteen months that I would never have learned anywhere else. When we are meeting new people, and explain Abigail’s situation therapy always comes up at some point in the conversation. What therapy do we do? How often do we go? Which therapy center do you go to? But I am more concerned with the why. Why do we put our daughter in therapy three days a week every week? Why do we do speech, occupational, and physical therapy?

Therapy is a big part of our lives. We make our schedules around it, because it is a priority for us. Since we do not have a diagnoses, or even an idea of why Abigail is behind developmentally, all we have to go on is the ‘symptoms’ she displays. Therapy can help these symptoms. The thing I love about therapy, is that it does not matter what is wrong or right with my child. They simply see what she can do and then try to make her stronger and better. They do not look at the cannots and shrug their shoulders like so many doctors we have been to. They see what she can do and how she has improved and encourage her to exceed expectations the next week. Therapy motivates, not only Abigail, but myself to try new things and work harder because there is improvement that can be made. Therapy gives me hope.

That is why therapy is so important to us. We see improvements every week. Whether it is something small like she looked around more on tummy time, or something bigger like she started to chew better in speech therapy. We celebrate everything, and are so proud of our big girl for all her hard work. And I know it is hard work because Abigail crashes after therapy – she is just so tired. I am very appreciative, well beyond appreciative, for the therapists that have been apart of Abigail’s life so far. We have been blessed to have some great ladies work with our little girl, and they love her so much. That means more to me than anything. To see our therapist proud of my child truly touches my heart more than anything.

I am thankful for our time in therapy, and I am excited to see what the years ahead hold as we continue our sessions. I love that through therapy we see improvement, we find encouragement, and can seek help with what we need. Therapy is a comfort and a blessing and I am thankful that Abigail was able to start as early as she did. Therapy has changed our lives, and has taught us so much and I am glad when no one else seems to have answers for us that we have a place to go to find the help we need. So why therapy? Because it is a blessing to our family, and it shows that my little girl is capable of things we could not even imagine! We will always choose therapy!


We love therapy!!!


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