Quality of Life

This saying was never part of my vocabulary before having Abigail. Honestly, I never thought about a persons quality of life. It never accrued to me as I lived in a very safe, innocent bubble that people out there sometimes don’t have a very good quality of life. But what is quality of life? Who determines that? According to the all wise Wikipedia quality of life is defined like this,
“Quality of life (QOL) is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life. It observes life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, safety, security, freedom, religious beliefs, finance and the environment.[1] QOL has a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international development, healthcare, politics and employment.” Of course Wikipedia goes on to explain that QOL should not be confused with health related QOL which they define as, “an assessment of how the individual’s well-being may be affected over time by a diseasedisability or disorder.[1][2]
So all those big fancy definitions are just ways society measures who is well off and who needs help. Who is rich and who isn’t. Who will have a good life and who won’t. And we have worried about Abigail’s quality of life since we started finding out about all her issues. We have no idea if she will ever leave home and be an independent adult. We have no idea if she will ever walk or sit or talk. According to the world Abigail’s quality of life isn’t that great. But I recently started following this mom on Instagram. Her daughter has Down’s Syndrome, and she wrote something so beautiful as she posted a picture of her precious daughter with the biggest smile plastered on her face. “I hope you see how much quality of life my daughter has. She deserves a good life and so do all the people that don’t fit the world’s definition of perfect.”
It made me step back and think about what is quality of life? When I talk about it I think about how Abigail will be able to function on her own as an adult. I’m already thinking twenty years down the road in typical Heather fashion. But what about today? Today, does Abigail have a good quality of life? Abigail isn’t your typical three year old in many aspects. She can’t do a lot of things she should be able to do. But I would argue that she has a great quality of life! 

Abigail’s two favorite toys right now. Batman from Daddy and her tray from her portable chair. She drags that tray all over the house!

Abigail is in great health. She is joyful all the time. She is beyond loved. She has no wants. She has no idea she is developmentally behind. She has a pretty good life. Right now her quality of life is perfect. But so often I forget to live in the moment. I get so caught up with what tomorrow might hold that I forget that right now my girl needs me to just meet her where she is. 
So often we let the world define things for us. I listen to the world when they say my daughter won’t have as good as a quality of life than others. I begin to question if we are capable of caring for her. I worry what will happen to her if something were to happen to us. I have worries about what the future holds. What if we have another child like Abigail or even worse off than Abigail. I forget that today we are blessed. We have everything Abigail needs to have an amazing quality of life. I forget that today she needs me just to be her mom and love her. I forget to listen to Truth and not the lies. I forget that God has brought us this far, and He will continue to give us our daily bread. I forget that God is bigger than any diagnosis, any worry or any fear. These fears won’t just magically go away, but they don’t have to conquer me. I pray I always remember that Abigail does have a good quality of life. She is well cared for.  And even if ten years if she isn’t ‘normal’ she still can have a good quality of life. She still has purpose and a reason for the way she is. 

Mommie and me night when I painted her toes. I love my joyful little girl who is full of life!!!


She Makes Me Laugh

If you have ever watched The Sound of Music then you’ve heard the song at the beginning the nuns sing about Maria. It’s not as popular, but it reminds me so much of Abigail. She is a little different, a little mischievous, and a little like a cloud you can’t pin down. But the one line I love best is, “Maria makes me laugh!” And no matter what kind of day we have had. Whether it’s been a clingy day or a everything is ‘no’ kind of day or even a day full of celebrations Abigail always finds a way to make me laugh. She may act exactly like me, but I truly believe she’s going to have her daddy’s humor. It’s something I can’t describe. You’d just have to be around them. But they are both funny people (of course I’m a little biased). But here are ten little quirks Abigail does that we find funny.

1) My mom pointed this one out, and it’s so accurate. Abigail is very similar to the sloths on Zootopia. Especially when it comes to eating. You can give Abigail a fork full of food and she opens her mouth even as the food is inches away. And watching her put the fork in her mouth is painful sometimes. Will she ever make it? It is a suspense as she slowly, slothed-like brings the food to her opened mouth. But she’s feeding herself, so we let her do it, and laugh at her a little too.

2) Abigail is literally the most uncoordinated person you’ll meet. She has zero reflexes and moves slow. It’s a bad, yet funny combo. The best is when she is crawling around and just runs into things. She will turn too early or too late and bump her head into the wall or couch. It never seems to phase her and we figure one day she will figure it all out. Right now we stay clear of her big noggin and laugh at her little blunders.

3) This one is from Jordan’s granddaddy. I never really noticed before because I see her every day, but Granddaddy pointed out how purposeful Abigail’s arms are when she crawls, and now it’s so funny to watch her do it. Every time she pulls herself forward to crawl she reaches as far as she can and pulls herself forward. It’s so calculated and focused. It’s pretty impressive how strong she must be, but it also bad because it leads to the next thing.

4) Horrible distance perception! Because she takes such purposeful pulls with her whole arm length she will just head bump anything in her way including you. Jordan says it’s like in the beginning of Aladdin when the narrator is telling the camera to come closer and then he is like ‘too close, too close.’ You can’t tell her to come a little bit. It’s all or nothing with her, so watch your head. She hits hard and has taken me and Jordan down with her big noggin, laughing the whole way. And since I’ve mentioned the big noggin a couple times I’ll go ahead and explain that it really is big! Abigail is only in the 10th percentile for weight, but her poor head is close to the 85th percentile. Her head has always measured big! So again watch out. When it strikes, it strikes hard!

5) In The Music Class that we attend weekly, they do this things called ‘bums bums.’ I’m sure there’s a technical name, but the toddlers all call it bum bum time so we do too. Basically the teacher comes around to each student and does a little tonal pattern and then the child is supposed to repeat it back. Abigail loves bum bum time! Since the ‘b’ sound is like the one sound she has mastered she is an expert bum bum participant. But the best is when we are listening to the music in the car and the bum bum patterns come on. Abigail will start screaming ‘b’ ‘b’ ‘b’ as loud as she can. It’s so much fun and cracks me up every time.

6) Abigail now has a clear yes and no. So we ask her a lot of yes and no questions to keep her talking. Sometimes she gets stuck in an all yes mood and sometimes (a lot of times) it’s an all no mood. She doesn’t always use them correctly, but we are working on that. Like sometimes you will ask her if she wants grapes for a snack and she will say no and then you offer her a grape just in case and she eats 10 grapes. So you never quite know if her yes is yes or her no is no, but she at least talking. Well the other night I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (my latest tv obsession), and it was an episode about a patient with Alzheimer’s. Anyways I asked Jordan if he would take care of me even when I had no idea who he was and before he even answered, Abigail very clearly said, “no.”  I wasn’t even asking her. We didn’t even know she was listening, but she heard that yes or no question and responded no. We both bursted our laughing. Thanks kid! Love you too! It’s just little moments like that when her answers are too clear and too perfect for the situation that make it so funny.

7) All her lovely new sounds are great! However, Abigail’s best one is her screaming “ah”. It’s her favorite (and loudest). She normally does it in the morning while I’m getting ready. It’s a constant, “ah, ah, ah” – getting louder and louder in volume as she goes. She’s also normally in the bathroom with me so it echos! But she also loves to say it into containers and bowls. No matter what size bowl, if she finds a container she will pick it up and scream into it.


8) Whenever you compliment Abigail’s shirt she always lifts it up to show her belly. I don’t think she means to show her belly. She is just pulling up her shirt so you can see it better. But it’s super cute!

9) A lot of times Abigail and I wake up before Jordan does. After we finish breakfast and get dressed, I will take Abigail into the bedroom and let her in the bed with Jordan. She purposefully crawls over to Daddy and gives him love pats (what we call them – Abigail literally just pats you) as she babbles. I think Jordan likes being woken up to her, and it’s so sweet. It makes me laugh though how intentional she is as she makes her way to him, and pats him. She will also pat you if you are crying – it helps dry up your tears pretty quickly to be patted and comforted by such a cutie!

10) This one is one of Jordan’s favorites. A lot of times he will lie on the ground and read a magazine or be looking at his phone. Abigail will crawl over, (way too close, as already mentioned) flip herself on her back and lie with him appearing to read whatever he is reading. Of course she runs into him and kicks him and flips over on top of him in this process too, but it is great how she just makes herself at home! She just wants to be a part of whatever is going on.

Sprinkles of Joy

I LOVE sprinkles. Confetti cake, sprinkles in my ice cream, and blondies packed full of colorful confectionaries are just some of my favorite sprinkle desserts. But honestly I’ve been known to simply fill bowls full of just sprinkles and eat it like cereal. All the colorful waxy goodness!! My friends one year at college gave me a jar full of sprinkles as a thank you and that jar has moved multiple times with me and still sits on my kitchen counter untouched. Sprinkles are just fun! They add a little fun and color to a dessert, and make it just a little better. You cannot look at a little kid with an ice cream cone topped with sprinkles and not see the epitome of childhood. Sprinkles bring joy.

Well Abigail is my little sprinkle. She adds color and joy to our life. Abigail has always been a happy baby, stubborn but happy! From the moment she was first born she rarely cried. She let out one little wail as the doctor birthed her and then she just looked around taking us all in. Our first few weeks we had no idea what to expect, but we had the quietest baby ever. She might have gotten a little fussy when she was hungry but she was easily settled. Abigail continued this trend and is still the same way today. If she gets a little fussy she is easily calmed.

One of the first days we brought Abigail home from the hospital she gave her daddy her first ever smile and has been smiling ever since. What makes Abigail happy?? A familiar face, sometimes a stranger’s face if she happens to like him or her (I have yet to figure out Abigail’s reasoning behind liking some people and not others), her favorite foods, getting into trouble (did I mention she is stubborn?), being tickled, seeking thrills, Daddy coming home, people laughing, being cheered and applauded, the list is endless and things that make her laugh today won’t tomorrow. We always say she’s a mess because she is!

But that smile melts every heart. Abigail is well-loved (some would call it spoiled but in our house she is well-loved). She is an attention hog and will let you know if you aren’t paying her the attention she deserves. It’s because she literally is always the center of attention. No matter where we go people notice Abigail. It’s not uncommon for strangers next to us in restaurants or in stores to stop and talk to Abigail. They always leave with a smile on their face. I don’t know if it’s the hair, the glasses, or the grin. But everyone loves her and tells us how beautiful she is or how happy she seems. Abigail loves the attention and she is good at turning on the charm! Our therapists love her and dote on her too. How they get any work done is beyond me. She has a fan club at several places of business because her family shares all Abigail’s pictures and videos with their fellow workers. I jokingly tell Jordan that Abigail may soon become the most famous baby in Cobb county one day. It makes my mama heart proud that we have such a wonderful, happy baby that people just love. And I’m thankful she is easy baby to love.


Abigail has a lot of good qualities. She is bright, joyful, smart. She is empathic, forgiving, and loving, but my favorite thing about my baby girl is that she brings joy and a smile to all people. I know when I am stressed and feeling lonely or discouraged a little snuggling with my Abs can make me feel like the world will be okay again. She is truly our little ray of sunshine and she can make you smile when your day is gray. I am glad she is here to sprinkle some sunshine on our life.


Now I’m going to shamelessly plug the birthday project I’m working on for Abigail. If she has added any joy to your life, or even if you just want to add some joy to hers I’m asking for your help!! She is turning three next month, and I want to make a special video for her. I want the video to be full of faces and people who love Abigail!! That’s you! I want her to know how many people she has impacted in just three years! If you feel led and want to help make this special gift all I’m asking is that you record a short little clip of you talking to Abigail. I’m thinking 30 seconds a person maximum. Just get your phone out and take a video saying “hey” to Abigail and telling her your name, and then add a message of encouragement or something to make her smile. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or mushy – we will be watching this a lot I’m sure. You can either text me or email me your video, and then I will work on compiling them all together in a movie of sorts for Abigail to watch on her third birthday. Anyone can send a clip in, just let me know if you need my phone number or email and I can private message it to you. I know it’s intimidating to take a video of yourself, but I think Abigail will love it and I appreciate anyone who would be willing to help us! Let’s sprinkle Abigail with love!


Little Miss Personality

A lot of people have told me that Abigail and I look the same. I always laugh and tell them it’s just because they haven’t met my husband yet. Abigail and her daddy are twins through and through. At a day old she looked just like him and today she still looks just like him. Jordan loves it! He always says she’s cute just like him. But not only does she look like him, I think she acts like him too.


The mini Jordan I birthed. She was hours old in this picture.

Now Jordan would say I’m wrong and she is just like me, but it’s a tough decision I guess. She has a sense of humor just like Daddy. I’m more of a corny sort of gal myself, but my husband has his own brand of humor and I think Abigail gets it from him. She can make you laugh at the silliest little things and she knows she is funny. When she snores now she is so used to us laughing at her that she can’t get two snores out before laughing at herself. Jordan is also a very black and white, tell you how it is kind of person. Abigail is honest too. She’s starting to respond to yes and no questions, so if you ask her if she’s getting into things she will say yes. At least for now being honest is a good thing! We just put together her little red wagon that is made for two children. We let her sit in it by herself and we asked if she liked it. She signed yes. Then I asked if she wanted a friend to sit with her and she quickly signed no. We cracked up. Little sass wanted that wagon all to herself.


Her first smile at 6 days old!

Abigail is and has always been a happy little girl. She rarely cried as a newborn and she always wears a smile on her face. Joy radiates about her. If you really want to make her smile just compliment her in any way. She is all girl and loves to be loved. She knows exactly what you mine when you say beautiful or pretty or cute. And she turns on that charm quick. She is a little flirt and has the head tilt to go with it. She has always liked guys more than woman. Daddy will have to watch this one!

Abigail is also smart and she catches on so quickly. I usually only have to show her how to do something once or twice before she can do it herself. Just this week I have introduced some new signs and she already is using them! She learned how to say, “shh!” with one showing. She has no troubles exploring on her own, and she will often find things we had no idea were even lying around. I guess you could say she is becoming a typical little toddler – showing her some sass and putting everything in her mouth. That girl knows what she wants and she is determined to get it or tell you she does not want what you are offering.

She is awful adventurous too! She loves to be tossed and thrown and jiggled. She is not scared of much, and she is willing to try anything once. She wants to sit up so bad, but then when you pull her up she throws herself back and crashes to the floor and laughs and laughs. It quickly becomes a game for her. She will be our little thrill seeker for sure. That may be more me than her daddy on that one. Us girls are more of the rebels of the family.

Abigail’s personality is blooming! We knew she would always have a sweet joyful little side to her, but now we are seeing the stubbornness and sass coming out. We see her learning and developing into the little lady she is becoming. We see how much of a fighter she is. We see her independence and hunger for more. We see how precious sense of humor, and her awareness of those around her. We see that she is empathic and compassionate. We see that she loves people. She is full of so much personality and we love it!


Even at a year old she was the silliest thing. I was excited about these llama pajamas, and she was too! One of my favorite pictures of her.

When I was pregnant with Abigail I always dreamed about what she would look like and be like. I always imagined her with brown her and brown eyes (because who would believe that my blonde hair, blue-eyed husband would trump my dominant average genes?), but I never could pinpoint a personality on her. I am so glad she got a little bit of mine and Jordan’s good qualities. I pray she continues to love people and see their goodness like me. I pray she has wisdom like her daddy. I pray her joy never fades, and that her little spunk she has only continues. I know she will always be a fighter. She has to be. She has to be strong and brave and she has to want to do things. Her physical therapist says that is one thing she loves about Abigail – her want to is so prominent that it makes it easy to work with her. If she already has this much personality at two how much will she have later on? And she has never uttered one word! I can only imagine how it would be if she could talk. I guess we will continue to get to know this precious treasure God has given us as her little personality only continues to develop.


Yes, she loves ice cream. Yes, she is a mess. No, I couldn’t get her to smile because she wanted a bite of ice cream the whole time I was taking pictures.

Our Amazing Wonder

I forget how tall Abigail is. I know that is weird, but I just always forget that she would already come up to my waist if she could stand next to me. She is pushing three feet tall now, but I forget that. When I help her stand using the couch it hits me every time that she is tall. It is such a simple thing, but it always amazes me because I never get to see her stand up. That is how Abigail is though – just little things she does catches you off guard and amazes you.

Abigail never stops to amaze me in what she can do and what she tries to do. Just this week she has been wanting to hold her own cup and drink herself. She has learned to take sips from a glass. She pushes herself up completely with her arms so she’s almost in a sitting position. She is wanting to sit up and stand all the time. She is trying to tuck her legs underneath her to get on all fours. Her signing abilities have improved. She now signs without being prompted, or if she overhears a word she knows while people are talking she will sign it. It is like one thing after another. We missed therapy this week, so when we see our therapists Monday they will be so proud!


Our big girl enjoying her juice at Chick-fil-a!

It is usually simple things that amaze us, but sometimes it is the simple things that matter most in life. Because Abigail is so far behind developmentally, it is easy to presume she does not understand a lot of things. I am even impressed what all Abigail understands. But just because she cannot communicate does not mean she does not understand. She knows exactly when people are talking to her and when they are not, and she does not liked to be ignored. It is not rare at the dinner table for Jordan to be telling me about his day and Abigail will start screaming at the top of her lungs. Not a scary ‘I’m hurt’ scream, but a ‘look at me I’m cute and you’re not talking to me’ scream. We have tried to ignore her, but usually if you ask her if she has anything else to say she is happy you paid her attention and will allow you to continue your conversation again. And it is not just in person. Abigail loves talking on the phone. I will put the phone on speaker and lock it and hand it to her and she knows to put the phone to her ear and talk. Her and Daddy often talk on the phone and she does the screaming war then too until he talks to her and not Mommie. She is a mess!

Abigail only knows the word yes because we have not taught her no yet. She can sign yes (it’s one of her favorites) and sometimes she will vocally say a little, ‘yay.’ But we realized we had to start teaching her no because she says yes to everything. She knows when you ask a question and she will respond yes. So since she cannot do the real sign for no in sign language her therapist told me to just have her point her finger and turn her wrist back and forth. But Abigail cannot point and wave at the same time yet. So right now if you ask her to say no she simply points at you. It is still cute! But she catches on so quickly! I try to introduce new signs every week, and she always picks them up and uses them. I love being able to communicate better with her, and I think she loves her signs too. When she signs something and you respond to her, Abigail gets the biggest grin on her face – it’s like she is saying, ‘hey you heard what I said!’

And then we come to those legs. When Abigail was about 15 months I got her to stand and my mom snapped a picture. IMG_3679After that I could never get her to do it again. Plus, she was not ready or willing to do it. Now she is! Oh she wants to stand and pull up so bad. Her legs want to work, but they have no idea how to work. Abigail often stands on the side of her feet and her toes remain curled under. But I cannot even change her now without her turning to squirm away or trying to sit up. It amazes me how much she wants this. She is such a little fighter. Her body is literally incapable of sitting or standing, but that does not stop her. She groans and grunts and struggles to do it. Her arms have to be the most toned arms of any two-year-old. But she never gives up. She never stops wanting to try. She never quits. Everyday she learns something new. Everyday she amazes me. Everyday she fights. And that is amazing to me!


Bloom Where you are Planted

I love spring time. I love the newness of everything. How everything is turning green and flowers are beginning to bloom. How winter’s slumber is being shaken off, and life is awakening. Springtime just brings a pep in your step and a song in your heart. At least it does me. And goodness knows getting outside helps all those winter blues fade away. The weather was gorgeous today and I could not help thinking that springtime is coming!

I bought this cute springy shirt for Abigail a few months ago and it was perfect for today! Bright yellow with a huge flower on it! It instantly made me think of the saying, “Bloom where you are planted.” I’ve never thought much about it before, but that saying applies so much to Abigail. So today she wore her yellow shirt proudly, because Abigail is most definitely blooming where she is planted!

I was told my baby’s eyes were not normal at two months old. We instantly thought blindness, but today her vision is perfect! Yes, she wears glasses to help her eyes stay focused, but her vision is perfect. Abigail is known for those cute pink glasses, and countless strangers brag abt them. Even in the face of bad eyesight, Abigail is blooming!

First day in those pink glasses!

At four months we were told that Abigail had low muscle tone – hypotonia (they call it floppy baby syndrome). She has met zero milestones. She cannot hold herself up. Carrying her is like carrying a bag of potatoes. She is so heavy and does not help at all! She stays under the ten percentile because she has no muscles and muscles weigh more than fat. But despite all this Abigail is crawling! She has mobility. She is pushing up and she wants to stand so bad. She can sit with minimal assistance. She is doing things that amaze everyone. In spite of her diagnoses, Abigail is blooming!

Abigail cannot keep up with other children. They move too fast for her. Children her age are too advanced for her and run away before she can play. And children younger than her just want her glasses or her hair which scares her. But she is getting so much better around children. She has been crawling around with her nephews and they pass toys to her. In music class she is brave enough to get down on the floor and crawl around now. She is talking and laughing in class which means she is getting more comfortable around other toddlers. Even with her fears, Abigail is blooming!

In every area I feel like Abigail is blooming. She is becoming stronger, more social, and she is growing every day! Abigail has no idea that she is developmentally behind. She has no idea she is unique. She has no idea that she lives a very weird life compared to a normal three year old. She is one of the happiest children you will ever meet. She is smart. She is kind. And she is going to do BIG things!

I just feel like if this little girl who has so much against her can bloom where she is planted then we all can. I would never wish this life on any child. But I am a proud mama because even in the worst of situations and what life has to throw at her my daughter is blooming. She is a determined little fighter. She is fiercely independent and a little rebel at heart. All this makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is going to knock down barriers and is going to make miracles. Abigail will be able to bloom wherever she is planted!

Abigail’s Favorite Things

Abigail likes lots of things, and she is always happy and giggling. I could write pages and pages about her personality and things she likes, but I thought I would share 10 things she really loves. Of course she loves her family and being tickled and eating. All things toddlers love too. But here are 10 of Abigail’s favorite things.

1.) Abigail loves to be tossed and turned and flipped and dropped. She is a little thrill seeker. Abigail was born with zero reflexes so she has no fear of falling or being dropped. Plus, she has never fallen over or tripped so I don’t know if she is scared of things like that. I always tell people if Abigail could walk she would be that child who has already broken a leg jumping or climbing on something. She has a very adventurous soul!

2.) Music! This girl loves all kinds of music. We can be watching tv and she does not pay any attention to the show until music comes on. We have listened to a little bit of everything and she loves it all! That’s why I am so glad we found The Music Class. Once a week we get to go and enjoy music with other children. I hope she has some musical talent, because that is one thing I lack!

3.) Chick-fil-a. Well who doesn’t enjoy them some Chick-fil-a? But thanks to G-mama (my husband’s mom) she has discovered a true love of their chicken, fries, and ice cream! That girl can put her away some chicken!!


Enjoying some CFA!

4.) Watching people. Abigail is a people watcher if there ever was one. It’s hard to get her to eat at restaurants because she simply likes to stare at all the people around us. Today in Walmart the lines were ridiculously long and the older couple behind us were so sweet. Abigail loved them! She does not often meet a stranger (well as long as they are an adult).

5.) Chapstick. This girl loves playing with chapstick tubes. We played with one for about 20 minutes the other day. And she likes putting it on, and I am glad in this cold weather!


A girl with a tube of chapstick. She could not be happier!

6.) Emptying containers. Anything she can empty she does. A basket. A bag. A purse. A toy bus full of people. If the objects can come out then Abigail will take them out. She usually helps me clean up too so I am thankful for that.

7.) Wind. I know that’s an odd thing, but when the wind blows in her face she giggles. I know she is loving this cold wind these last few days! The cold does not bother her because she is a little heater, but this wind is perfect for her.

8.) Talking on the Phone. When family calls me I often put it on speaker phone so Abigail can hear and talk too. And we FaceTime my mom almost every day. Abigail does not just ‘talk’ to everyone she screams. You know how older people who talk on the phone like to talk louder like that will help you hear them better? Well Abigail does the same thing on the phone. It is an obvious scream talk. She has also learned to pretend to talk on the phone. She will pick up a toy or a shoe and hold it to her ear and scream into it. It’s so cute! I am glad to loves to talk to people and to herself.

9.) Other people’s pain. This makes her seem cruel, but hear me out. Whenever you stub your toe or knick yourself a little she laughs. I guess it’s that reaction you make that she thinks is funny. Abigail does not know what hurt or pain is so you probably do look funny hopping around or making silly sounds when you get hurt. She loves the word “ouch” too. Like if you’re playing with her and you hit yourself in the head with a toy and say ‘ouch’ she laughs so hard! She is a mess.

10.) I saved the best for last…DOORS!!! She is obsessed with them! All doors. Closet doors. Sliding doors. Bedroom doors. Cabinet doors. Doors on her doll houses. Put this girl in front of a door and she is instantly entertained. She just sits there and opens and closes them. I am not sure what the fun is, but she loves doors. I think she could play with doors all day. A funny story about this for you all. While I am getting ready in the mornings I sit her in front of my bedroom door so she can open and close it and be entertained. Well one morning I was running in and out of the bedroom straitening things up and putting a load of laundry on. While I was out of them room Abigail happened to close the door. This would not be a big deal except that she then proceeded to crawl right next to the door so she could open it. That is when there was a problem. The door opens into the bedroom. Abigail was laying behind the door blocking it and I was on the outside in the hallway. Have you ever had to give instructions to a toddler who cannot really move or communicate? It is fun! I could only get my hand through the door and I didn’t want to hurt her. So I am telling her to scoot back and trying to push her back at the same time. We finally worked it out together and she got away from the door enough that I could make it in. Yes, the adventures we have around here!

Well there you go – a very random list of 10 things Abigail loves. She is an odd child, but we love her so much! I am so glad she is interested in things and has likes and dislikes now. It is so fun to watch her grow up. It hit me today that she is going to be three in about 4 months. Three years old! My little girl is growing up and I don’t want to forget that she loves playing with doors all day long and how she laughed at the silliest things. I don’t want to miss out on her learning to pretend play and figuring out how her hands work. I love these days with Abigail, and I can’t wait to see what else she learns to love in the days to come!