Our Journey with Food


Last year I posted a blog about Abigail finishing a whole container of baby food. You can read that story here. It was an exciting day!! Our journey of food and eating has been quite an adventure. We are blessed that we never have had a feeding tube, or even a thought of needing one. But there was a time we were not sure how we were ever going to get Abigail to eat anything. Today she eats so well; even eating table foods.

Before we had Abigail I had already decided to breastfeed simply because it is more cost effective for us. Baby formula is expensive! I read everything I could about it,  attended classes and still decided I had no idea what I was in for. Thankfully Abigail knew what to do and she was amazing!! I’m a huge believer that fed is best for any baby. If you can breastfeed great, if not then formula is great too!! I am not a breastfeeding advocate. I was not a huge breastfeeding fan if I have to be honest, so I cannot write about how amazing it was and how it helped my baby. But it did keep her nourished for the first year of her life and for that I am thankful for my breastfeeding journey.

We tried introducing baby food at six months. It did not go over well. Abigail hated the texture. She hated the spoon. I tried making my own baby food. I tried all the flavors Gerber offers. She would eat about a fourth of the container all day long. This is when the food struggle began. I would cry because I knew she could not live off breastmilk forever, and I would not breastfeed forever. But we kept offering, kept trying every trick we could, and kept listening to what our therapists would tell us. The one thing Abigail did catch onto quickly was drinking from a straw. We could not get her to take a bottle to save her life, and she could not figure out sippy cups. I was at a loss how to get liquids into her mouth. But my mother-in-law suggested a straw and we have not looked back since. Abigail was drinking with a straw by nine months, and it is still the only thing she uses today.


First time eating baby food. She did not eat any of it despite what the picture shows.

At a year we were still mainly breastfeeding and eating what little baby food we could get in her. Our pediatrician referred us to another doctor to get a swallow study done. They wanted to make sure nothing was obstructing her throat because she would also choke and gag a lot, even while drinking water. Around a year old we went to Athens Regional Hospital to do the swallow study. They put barium in her food and water and put her under X-rays to watch her food go down her throat. It was the weirdest thing to watch as a parent. But, as always, there was nothing wrong with her swallowing except for the fact that Abigail did not chew, she simply sucked on everything and then swallowed. So we still were not ready for solid foods.


Trying sweet potatoes. She hated touching them, but at least eating them wasn’t too bad.

In just a year of working with our therapists, continuing to offer food even when Abigail refused or would choke on it, and simply allowing her to grow up a little more she has made huge improvements. She stopped breast feeding around 15 months!!! She began finishing whole containers of baby food, and she even started eating table food. Today she loves fruit and bread!! She takes after her mama there. She eats chicken, quesadillas, strawberries, Mac and cheese, and other things. Her diet is varied and she is not picky. No, she cannot keep up with a toddler her age but to see her eat table food now after where we were a year ago is so exciting. I would cry at night and throw pity parties about how I would always be a milk machine and nothing else. I was scared Abigail would be that kid who was still nursing at five years old. Jordan, as always, would tell me that is ridiculous and stop my pity parties with his indisputable reasoning. I needed him as I always will. But those fears were so silly, and I am thankful Abigail can eat real food now.


We still have a ways to go. Abigail gets choked on water every other sip, she still refuses to feed herself, and she will not bite food to save her life. But these things can be helped and learned. To see her progress already encourages me that we can only get better from here. Our food journey has been a rollercoaster, but I am excited where we are today. And I am proud of my daughter!! And I am glad she likes food and has become a little piggy.